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Here We Go!

|Includes: SIMO, Tangoe (TNGO)

HERE WE GO! Make Sure You Grab Some Buds!

Today is Beer Commercial day at All About Trends. Make sure you grab some buds.

So what's got us all gaga? Two charts that's what. Two charts that show the power of Pullback Off Highs (NYSE:POH) that's what. And being peaceful, calm, centered and focused all the while being patient we might add, all traits YOU MUST MASTER TO BE SUCCESSFUL.

Today is the first up and out day with TNGO so let's see if we can get another day or two out of it higher. Breakout buyers are first getting in now and we are already there when it crossed over the thin pink line at the end of March.

And get this, this is all the while the indexes look questionable. With buds err friends like this who needs indexes right?

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