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Amazon, Microsoft, And Google Respond To Intel Chip Vulnerability


Microsoft is taking an unusual approach to updating Windows and its cloud services in light of the issues affecting several kinds of processors.

Google published new details about the vulnerabilities.

Microsoft, Amazon, and Google said they are working on updates to cloud services and other products to prevent exploitation of chip-level security vulnerabilities.

The vulnerabilities, which were publicly disclosed by the Register on Tuesday, could allow a hacker to steal information stored in the memory of a wide range of computer chips running on personal devices, like computers, as well as servers in data centers, including those used to run cloud computing services. One of the vulnerabilities, dubbed Meltdown, is known to affect Intel chips. Another, Spectre, could affect chips from many vendors, reviewed by FuninUSA. 

In addition to patching its cloud services and current and older versions of Windows for servers and desktops, Microsoft has updated its Edge and Internet Explorer browsers. Updates for Microsoft Surface devices are coming as well.Google said it has updated its public cloud service to prevent attacks related to Meltdown and Spectre. Google has also been busy checking on consumer services. 

According to the review of FuninUAS,aside from security concerns, the Register and some individuals suggested that patches to operating systems could result in performance slowdowns. VMware has come out with patches for its desktop and server virtualization software. Linux distribution vendor Red Hat is working on making product updates available to customers.