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Halfway Into The Q4 2017 Earnings Season

|About: PayPal Holdings, Inc. (PYPL), SEDG, Includes: AAPL, AL, ATVI, GILD, NVDA, SWIR, TSLA, TTD

Comments on PYPL, AAPL, GILD, TSLA, ATVI, NVDA, SEDG and SWIR Q4 2017 earnings reports.

On paywalls on our research and how to get through.

Announcing a new partnership with TalkMarkets.

Dear Investor,

Halfway into the Q4 2017 earnings season, we are very satisfied with the performance of the businesses in our portfolio.

 Broadly speaking, PYPL, AAPL, GILD, TSLA and ATVI performed within expectations, while NVDA and SEDG surprised us pleasantly.


While we still hold PYPL stock, we no longer see it as obviously undervalued. If price appreciation continues, we may reduce our position. We do however love the business, so it is unlikely that we would close the entire position. To learn more about our views of PayPal, read our recent research on the company.


 SolarEdge is the most profitable business in the solar industry, it is growing quickly and it's awash in cash. We believe that the current stock price offers value, even after the 20% increase following Q4 beat-and-raise. If you are unfamiliar with this wonderful little business, you will enjoy our recent research on the company.

Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless (SWIR), a company we do not own but have written about, also reported earnings. We did not like what we heard in the conference call, so we have definitely ruled it out as an investment at this time. 

Upcoming earnings

Later this week we will be paying attention to the earnings of Air Lease (AL) and The Trade Desk (TTD). The later, our single stock pick so far in the year.

Announcing new partnership with TalkMarkets

If you are a regular user of Seeking Alpha, you may have noted that Seeking Alpha has started to put old articles behind a paywall.

 As explained in our FAQ, we are sharing our research for free to show the benefits of our investment principles, methods and execution, as well as to build a track record of our performance. Paywalls are obviously not constructive to that end.

 The good news is that our recent research pieces, as well as the research we will be releasing in the upcoming weeks, will be entirely available at

 Moreover, we are announcing that we have become Founder Contributors at TalkMarkets.

 TalkMarkets is a new concept in financial media - a smart site which customizes its content to users' interests, preferences and levels of investment sophistication. This creates a browsing experience which is quick, easy and personally relevant to you. It is a free alternative or complement to SeekingAlpha, in its early innings but expanding at rapid pace. Our future research will be also syndicated to TalkMarkets.

 We invite you to Join TalkMarkets Now.

Thanks for reading, and happy Washington's Day!

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Disclosure: I am/we are long all companies mentioned in the article except SWIR..