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Currency War!


Fed's Ben Bernanke

Helicopter Ben making it rain! Shock and awe baby! And more shock. And more awe...don't look now, but the paint is peeling and the 'copter's running out of gas.


ECB's Jean-Claude Trichet

PIIGS tangled in barbed wire, wallowing in their own filth; field medic Trichet to the rescue with the Euro clippers. Sorry boys, but this is gonna hurt.


Bank of Japan

For the Japanese Yen, the accelerator is stuck like a faulty Toyota. And it's hard to fight a war without any real ammo.


People's Bank of China

"We got exports here! Get your exports. Low prices everyday!" China sitting pretty in a brand-new piece of real estate high above the danger zone. Besides, they're just another developing country, right?


Keynes Reigns; Smith Miffed

Keynes claims ideological victory. Adam Smith rolls over in his grave.


Not So 'Beautiful Game' for Brazil's Ronaldinho

Battered by the Ben's bombs, Brazil is crying foul. Who needs coffee when we have 5-Hour Energy?


Gold Soaring

The elephant in the room.

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