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Adam Hamilton Reveals The Hidden Truth About Gold's Collapse And Imminent Rally: Zeal LLC

Over the past few months, I've gained an appreciation and admiration for the work of Adam Hamilton of Zeal LLC. Based on the articles I've read of his, the guy really knows what's going on in the financial markets.

Hamilton is a contrarian and diligent researcher who shares what he learns with others through his web site and various paid services.

A contrarian is an investor who buys shares of stock when most others are selling and sells when others are buying. This also happens to equate to buying low and selling high--the holy grail of investment success.

Adam's latest article, "Contrary Gold Futures 3" is a must read for anyone invested in precious metals or considering buying into the gold mining sector.

Since gold's crash in April, I've been predicting not just a rebound, but that gold reaches a new all-time high over the upcoming months. Furthermore, I've been writing about how the gold mining sector will provide enormous returns to the brave investors who buy at today's prices, when everyone else is afraid to.

Read Adam Hamilton's recent article to learn:

  • Exactly what is "unprecedented, the highest seen by far in gold's entire dozen-year secular bull."
  • Who has been using 29:1 leverage to sell gold and why these guys are about to get crushed.
  • How these same characters are about to purchase 9.3 MILLION ounces of gold, whether they like it or not.

Adam's charts are jam-packed with data and can be challenging to understand at first. There may also be a few industry-related terms you'll need to Google to ensure you comprehend everything he's saying, so be sure to do that.

I've been a contrarian investor for more than a decade and successfully been applying contrarian strategies as authorized trader on client accounts since 2008.

It takes guts and a disciplined strategy to buy when everyone else is afraid to. It's also not (emotionally) easy to continue buying an asset as it continues to drop in price and you've already "lost" money on your earlier purchases. It usually is the right thing to do and leads to exceptional gains once the panic has passed.

Finding someone like Adam Hamilton who is bright, knows the markets and shares his contrarian insights is of enormous value. I highly recommend tuning into his work and tuning out the mainstream media noise that's designed to confuse and impoverish you. Here's the link to Adam's latest article again.

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