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Gold Scents' Toby Connor (Gary Savage) Expecting Bubble Phase In Gold To Begin

|Includes: ABX, VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX), GDXJ, GG, NEM

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An investment analyst I've gained a great deal of respect and admiration for is Toby Connor of Gold Scents. The past few months I've been receiving Toby's free investing newsletter and enjoy every update. I highly recommend subscribing.

In his June 30th update, Connor states that, "we now have the necessary conditions for the bubble phase in gold to begin."

He goes onto remind us that:

  • "Whether you think I'm right or not, pretty much every bubble has to have one of these extreme corrections to completely cleanse bullish sentiment before starting. In 2007 oil dipped 37% convincing everyone that the peak oil crowd were idiots. Oil then rallied 200% in the next year and a half vindicating the bulls and making the critics look foolish.

    In 1998 the NASDAQ corrected 40%. Everyone was convinced the secular bull had ended. It had not ended, but the correction did clean the slate and prepare the market for tech stocks to rally 300% in the next year and a half.

    Gold has just corrected 37%, miners almost 70%. No one even believes that gold will ever see $1900 again, much less many multiples higher than that. Yet gold has now put in place the necessary conditions for a bubble to begin. And all big secular bull markets end in bubbles. Human nature never changes."

I completely agree with Connor. The gold market will not reach a new all-time high over the next year in spite of its recent collapse, but because of it.

Those with the courage to actually buy assets when they are priced low get rewarded with substantial gains over the long run, despite temporary losses that may be incurred in the short term. It takes a logical, contrarian mindset and courage to action when others will not. Carpe diem.

I look forward to more Gold Scents updates from Toby Connor and again suggest you too sign up.

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Craig Brockie

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a long position in GDX, GDXJ over the next 72 hours.