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Michael Baybak - Top Investor Relations Specialist & Philanthropist

This post is about a gentleman I greatly admire and respect. His name is Michael Baybak, a leading expert in the field of investor relations for the natural resource sector. I met him in Los Angeles one night after a performance by James Barbour and other talented entertainers.

Mr. Baybak has decades of experience in the natural resource industry and developed a strong reputation with his network of high net worth individual investors, brokerage firms, registered investment advisors and institutional managers, financial newsletter writers, securities analysts, as well as major press and TV.

He has represented many successful companies on the American and Canadian stocks exchanges. These natural resource companies are poised to grow substantially over the next year as gold, silver, copper and mining companies of all varieties enjoy bull markets.

Although I respect him immensely as a businessman, it is his generous support of philanthropic programs the world over that inspire me the most to achieve greater success myself--so I can contribute even more to the much needed solutions for our global community.

Mr. Baybak is one of the top supporters of the following global programs and their solution-oriented mandates:

Here is a YouTube playllist I put together that highlights many of these programs and other solutions to reverse the dwindling spiral on this planet today. As you'll see we have the solutions we need, it's just a matter of more people taking responsibility in implementing them.

If you are in need of investor relations services in the natural resources sector, I highly recommend considering Michael Baybak and Company Inc.

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