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Hindsight or Foresight?

|Includes: ProShares Ultra Technology ETF (ROM)

Long day today. I woke up thinking, ok today is the day I am going to take some profits on ProShares Ultra Technology Fund (NYSEARCA:ROM). Nope! It didn't happen today. The DOW opened down 162 points and stayed down for most of the day, along with my confidence which went right down with it. Darn, I should've, would've, could've sold Monday, but no-o-o. I had to get greedy and wait another day.

Ok, do I double down or wait until technical fundamentals improve? Of course this could be a short term pullback due to China raising interest rates today to control growth. I still haven't figured out why that would trigger a pullback in the DOW though.

We will see what happens tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Disclosure: Long ROM