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Did You Know That Non-Residents Can Buy Shares of One Of the Hottest Stocks on Earth, PETROBRAS, on The Buenos Aires Stock Exchange In an Undervalued Currency?

APBR is the ticker on the  Buenos Aires Bolsa de Valores and it's trading at about 85 Argentine pesos a share.  Petrobras participaciones, PBE, is also listed and is trading at 2.5 pesos.  I know Petrobras is in the news a lot because of the sub salt discoveries, but I've been tracking this stock for years on every market that it is traded on.  I spend time with analysts in Rio de Janeiro and am a bigger believer than ever in the future of this company because of it's market position, and excellent corporate governance.  I don't think the government is going to "get in the way".  Petrobras is going places and so are the share prices.  I also recommend buying Petrobras through a Swiss Private Bank on the Bovespa (assuming you are not Brazilian and can buy locally) or through the back door in Argentina.  But Buy and Hold and Hold and Hold.  Pick up as much as you can on the dips.  Petrobras is here to stay.