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CHLN, DEPO, AVII, three stocks that look like a strong buy Monday

CHLN:  This call was made on 08/14/09 @ $5.43 Still looking to make my first buck on this stock and have sold off most of my portfolio following this stock down for an average of $3.99 per share. Friday CHLN dropped to $3.55 but recovered by the end of the day to close up .03 per share.  The good news is I didn't sell DEPO...  
DEPO:  This call was made on 06/27/09 @ $3.01 Made this call and bought this stock on 6/27/09 at under $3.00 and will open Monday at $4.41 and is still looking like a very strong buy.  Bad news is I sold my AVII...
AVII:  This call was made on 09/15/09 @ $1.94
AVII has dropped to $1.56 on Friday which is the reason I traded it for CHLN but right now AVII is looking to open up over 8% Monday morning on high after hours volume and may be a target of another company.
"Positive feature on AVI BioPharma (AVII). The company has a drug for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, the most severe form of the disease in early stage clinical trials. The drug, which targets one of the many mutations in a gene on the X chromosome, has shown promising results in animal trials and so far has been reported to be 'well tolerated' in early human trials. This version may be able to help about 13% of Duchenne patients, though the company hopes to expand its effect to other mutations that may eventually help half of patients with the disease. Barron's predicts if the drug proves to be effective "this biotech will soar" garnering as much as $1B in annual revenue from the drug."
I believe CHLN will break very soon with the company report at the end of October and have a dramatic rise but AVII and DEPO may break out on Monday.  

Warren Buffett believes that “China is going to be a greater and greater force in the world’s economy in every way,” and that “There’s no question that [China's] economy is booming like we haven’t seen in the United States for a very, very long time,


Rating:   Positive   $1.94 (09/15/09)
Gain/Loss:   -15.98% in 19 days
Target:   $3.00 (+54.64%) in > one year
Allocation:   64.4% of portfolio

Rating:   Positive   $3.01 (06/27/09)
Closed:   07/23/2009 @ $3.69 (+22.59% in 26 days)
Target:   $3.55 (+17.94%) in One month
Allocation:   4.6% of portfolio

Rating:   Positive   $5.43 (08/14/09)
Closed:   09/19/2009 @ $4.16 (-23.39% in 36 days)
Target:   $6.60 (+21.55%) in Three months
Allocation:   16.5% of portfolio