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AMD Stock Analysis: Bears Are Lurking.

|Includes: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) has limited upside potential.

Failure of AMD to break above $28.53 implies potential for lower prices.

Minimum price target should price consolidate in the region of resistance is $16.16.

Conclusion for today’s AMD stock analysis: Failure to close above $28.53 implies more downside for AMD that should see price close below $16.16.

AMD’s technical analysis for today is carried out using a 6 hour timeframe a candlestick chart, with attention drawn to the current trading zone in AMD.

AMD Technical Analysis: 6 Hour Time frame

Meandering price action since October 30, 2018 till current date has produced a sidetrend, following price retreating after the September 25, 2018 price high of $33.60.

Support region for the current sideways price action is present between $16.16 and $14.73, while the upper boundary and lower boundary of resistance is $28.53 and $25.29 respectively.

A breakout above $28.53 implies further upside for AMD. Lack of a breakout above $28.53 and/or consolidation within the region of resistance could result in a downward swing in the price of AMD.

Strategies for selling include the following

(1) Selling on a breakout below $21.92 is considered (less conservative).

(2) Selling on a breakout below AMD’s long term bullish trendline (conservative).

(3) Selling on a breakout below $16.16 (most conservative).