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Why This Generation Should Invest With Acorns

In the olden days people used to save money using “coin jars.” That was when the primary use of money was cash. With the change of time comes facilitating new inventive ideas, such as Acorns. This innovative generation with these new millennials are starting to primarily use a credit card or debit card for purchasing everything. This is resulting with not physically getting change back to put in your coin jar. This is why i believe this new generation should start to use the Acorns app because of how irresponsible people are with saving money. Another reason is because online shopping is outdating the old fashion way of going to the store, which means you have to use your card. What this app offers for people is something called "round-ups." This option on the app takes your transactions from your credit/debit card and rounds the cents up to the nearest dollar to make it a whole number and puts that extra cents into your acorns account. There is more to this website than that though like making daily, weekly and monthly transactions to your account to save. Also, with how uninformed people are with investing this app makes it so simple because you’re not investing the money, you’re just supplying it. The app itself has investors who puts your money into each sector. You have the say in how risky of investments you want to be in based on what you think has the better yields and such. This app as a whole is a better and more convenient way to start a life of saving and investing for those who are beginners.