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Up 20%... and then?

Sell (NYSE:POR)???

hmmm.  what to do when the stock is up 20% compared to the overall market's +8%...  I'm neither a trend follower nor a great fundamental's analyst.

--- ride the wave or cut-away (and hope there's another wave out there)?
(I'm from California, so surf-references are de-rigour!)

I buy thinking value + dividends... the dividends are still good (4% or greater) but the p/e is declining.

20% is my "take the money and run" point, I guess, even though the ex-date is right around the corner (March 23).

(NYSE:GD) and (NYSE:IDA) both had another run after I got out, so I may be a chicken.  GD's replacement (NYSE:PEP) has been a disappointment so far, but it's early days (about 100 days so far).

Disclosure: I am long POR, PEP.