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How To Prevent Your Shares Holdings From Being Shorted?

|Includes: TOP Ships Inc. (TOPS)

What can you do to prevent your shares holdings from being shorted?

Now, what can the average personal investor do to stop their own shares being shorted, believe me, your own broker, if approached, WILL sell your own shares that they hold on your behalf as a nominee account.

There are two things you can do, the first is to certificate them but this is not obvious to everyone’s advantage but the alternative solution is simple. All you do is to phone your broker and put an order in saying that you wish to place your shares for sale at, for argument's sake, double today’s price. As they are 'on order' they cannot be lent out by your broker and in turn, you are reducing the amount of 'free shares' out there that can be used for shorting purposes. And don't forget to move your limit order up when the price starts to recover, then, that way your shares can't be shorted - not much but helps.

Although an individual personal investor will not normally have enough shares to halt a concerted shorting attack if a large number of holders did this it would reduce the overall amount of shares that they could get their hands on.

In my opinion well worth doing if not only for the knowledge that your own shares cannot and will not be used in a short attack against the very share that you own.