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Tracking My Progress

|Includes: Ford Motor Company (F)

So I am new to the stock game and I am doing a small amount of investing each pay day ($120). Currently I have 2 different types of stocks that I buy, ones that I have done my research on and I will hold onto for the dividend and ones that I will buy and hold until they reach a certain point in which I will sell. The ones I am buying to sell are to help bolster the amount I can put into the ones I want to hold onto.  I am doing this because I work as a supervisor in a factory and even with the 401k that is offered more often then not I am seeing too many people work well beyond the retirement age just so that way they can actually pay the bills that social security can't cover alone.  As I have just started I am currently using the robin hood app because it does not charge any commissions for buying and selling stocks. (I actually recommend this app because it is easy to use and it has a decent amount of useful info on it).

So anyways I am going to list my standings

(D) dividant  (S) selling (U) undecided

Ford (F) 36 shares (D

General Electric (GE) 26 Shares (D)

Plug Power (PLUG) 30 Shares (S) waiting for the stock to break the $2.15 mark to sell

J Jill (JILL) 15 Shares (S) waiting for the stock to break the $6.00 mark to sell

Synergy Pharm (SGYP) 32 shares (S) waiting for the stock to break the $3.00 mark to sell

Wide Open West (WOW) 9 shares (U)

As I said I am new to this so like many people new to the game or around my age (early Thirties) I do not have the money that others have to put into stocks.  So I am going to track my progress on here and keep things simple as I am on a budget.  My goal here is to show that even the smallest amount while on a budget in the long term can pay off. I also hope that I can show younger people who have the fear instilled in them from the older generations about investing that although it has it risk it can be well worth it in the long run.  I also appreciate any input or advice that people can offer as like I said I am in this for the long run and hope over the next 15 to 20 years I can build enough residual income (from dividends) that I have the ability to retire at an earlier age and be able to enjoy many of the things in life that at the moment I can not due to working as much as I do. 

Disclosure: I am/we are long F, GE, PFE.

Additional disclosure: As I have said I am new to this and most of this article is for my own tracking and hopefully helps me keep track of things that I learn in the long run. I am fairly new to this and so I am bound to make mistakes but it is a long term learning experience.