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Best Athlete In The World Today.


Mikaela Shiffrin is the best hands down.

The ESPYS didn't see it that way this year.

They gave it to a US soccer play named Morgan.

The biggest injustice in sports today.

Mikaela has many 15 minutes of fame in one year.

The Espy awards the other night for the best female athlete for 2018 was not given to Mikaela Shiffrin for the second year in a row for some reason, even that she had an even better year than before. In fact, it was the best season for any skier man or woman ever period. This is a very hard sport for injures and just to win the number of events and by the margin, Mikaela won most of the time and there is a 90% chance this will never be done again. In fact, she won most runs in the lower section of the course as she just turns on the speed as needed. Usually, there is one or two ski runs all season where the racer gains speed on the lower half of the ski run, as conditions usually get worse. Yet Mikaela 97% of the time did this, no other skier has ever done this period and wins by the margin she does week in and week out is truly staggering. I know the Espys is just a TV show, but it has many great people featured each year and just because the US team won the World Cup, Morgan won it. If Morgan has a conscience she will make a statement this weekend and give the award to Shiffrin herself. This again winning so many World Cup ski races week in and week out is one of the hardest things to do in sports. Many times you travel for weeks on end, stand around for bad weather for hours, then race for 60 seconds. The mental stress alone is ten times that of any soccer game. In fact, training for these past two seasons was in the making of a lifetime work, that could end with one injury at any time. There have been a few men maybe that have done 50% -75% like Ingemar Stenmark, but never so many wins so fast. If she stays healthy she will be the greatest athlete of all times. But to be clear what she did this year was like Tiger winning the Masters at 40 under par, her feat was so great. Also, this is 20 times better than what Von has done her whole lifetime, and she isn't even 20% into her career yet. She sleeps ten hours a night like Justin Verlander, but that and a perfect work effect is about all they share. I hope she goes down in history as the worlds best athlete in the 20th century. While I am an avid skier and I certainly know talent when I see it. When an injustice of gigantic proportion has occurred it has here, I get very upset. An athlete that trained for a lifetime, she should be recognized each and every year that has these kinds of results. Tiger Woods gets it all money, awards and he has many issues. Mikaela lives life to the fullest without the drama and deserves the ESPY this year, please Morgan give it to her and I will Donate one thousand dollars to any charity you like. The ESPYS are also more about the person and Mikaela is certainly that and more. Mikaela, you keep pushing and let those skis run.

Douglas Hughes


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