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BIG Market Moves: Blockchain Wealth Strategy 2018!

The key to making money in the markets is having the right information, the most up-to-date research, and early-mover status in technologies that are changing the world.

Pure Blockchain Wealth is dedicated to providing you with that vital information and research, and all of our data is telling us loudly and clearly that the blockchain is the next big mover in the markets. We’ve seen these moves before, and most people don’t get in until the big profits have already been made – but there’s still time to get in on this one.

Time is of the essence, though, as blockchain technology is already expanding its global presence every single day. Distributed ledger technology is the new way to do banking, business, and data storage and transfer; fiat currencies just don’t get people excited anymore.

People and institutions want all kinds of coins, but digital currencies can’t exist without miners. Whichever firm can provide the best mining with robust hashpower capabilities is going to be an investor’s dream: a way to get huge yield from the massive demand for blockchain mining.

Nowadays, every financial sector is putting money into the blockchain. Just the banking sector by itself is pouring money into blockchain tech because they know that’s where the future lies:

Courtesy of Aite Group

Hundreds of millions of dollars are flowing into this new and exciting technology, and the world needs a company that can meet the growing demand for huge quantities of hashpower. Coins like Ethereum, Monero, and Zcash are increasingly popular, and Pure Blockchain Wealth is positioned to benefit from the blockchain boom with a firm that has the right team, top-of-the-line infrastructure, and the deep capital resources necessary to meet the tremendous need for blockchain mining in 2018.

The only company that’s truly a pure play in blockchain mining – the one company that can really keep up with the world’s huge demand for hashpower – is HIVE Blockchain Technologies(TSX-V: HIVE, OTC: HVBTF). This is a unique company with significant flexibility to mine multiple cryptocurrencies and to establish a market presence while scaling their mining business.

HIVE Blockchain Technologies has an edge over the competition because they are partnered with world-class hashpower provider Genesis Mining; experts in the field know them as the biggest hashpower provider in the world.

Genesis Mining was founded in 2013 by early Bitcoin investors, and they built the world’s first large-scale Bitcoin mining facility in 2014. Marco Streng, Co-Founder and CEO of Genesis Group and an Advisor to HIVE, explains why this alliance will position HIVE as the leading infrastructure firm for the blockchain era: “This is a strategic opportunity for Genesis to access capital and build a bigger business publicly than we ever imagined building our first home-based bitcoin mining machines five years ago.”

One result of this partnership is GENESIS HIVE, a proprietary web interface created by Genesis Mining that enables HIVE to easily set up, watch and manage their mining facilities. GENESIS HIVE is the ultimate control panel to manage the company’s mining rigs.

Courtesy of HIVE Blockchain Technologies Investor Presentation

And there’s more great news: HIVE Blockchain Technologies recently announced the closing of its acquisition of Kolos Norway AS and its 64-hectare property in Ballangen, Norway. This acquisition of the property supports HIVE’s ongoing strategy of acquiring and developing assets with access to low-cost power in cold climates and supplies the company with extensive flexibility to expand the business.

The strategic partnership between HIVE and Genesis Mining is a fantastic development, and the acquisition of Kolos Norway AS is great news for investors looking to capitalize on the blockchain revolution. To position yourself for the big move that’s about to happen in the blockchain and in HIVE, the time to take action is right now. You’ll also want to go here and download our full exclusive report on HIVE and the wealth that an invest ment in the blockchain will bring you.

Disclosure: I am/we are long TSX-V: HIVE, OTC: HVBTF.

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