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Monster Day Ahead - Try Binary Options on Major Indexes If Short on Capital

As best I can tell today is going to be a HUGE short covering day.  S&P futures showing +4% already.  Let's see how well I read the market.

Other things to look for:
S&P & major equity indexes UP
VIX Down
Oil UP
Oil producers UP
Gold Down
Dollar Down vs. EUR
YEN Down vs. USD, EUR
Treasuries Down (yields UP)

One way to get in on the action quickly on single day movements on big indexes (incl VIX, OIL, Gold, etc) like we're going to see today with small amounts of capital is via a little known security called binary options.  I won't get into detail here but visit the site and learn more about how they work on an extreme short term basis (hourly). 

If many of you got in on the long side Friday (as I did in small increments), today will be a good opportunity to use the short covering to cash in some profits.  It's shaping up to be a very big day.

Have fun!

Disclosure: Long oil producers, likely to work major US indices today