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NAGA (NGC) is a cryptocurrency being developed by NAGA Group AG which is a German Fintech company. The company is aiming to make transactions in stocks and virtual goods more.


NAGA (NGC) is digital money being produced by NAGA Group AG which is a German Fintech organization. The organization is meaning to make exchanges in stocks and virtual merchandise more secure and open to everybody.

NAGA (NGC) is a digital currency being produced by NGC Group AG which is a German Fintech organization. The organization is expecting to make exchanges in stocks and virtual products more secure and open to everybody. To influence their objective conceivable they to have SwipeStox which is a social exchanging stage and furthermore Switex which interfaces gaming and monetary universes for a perfect affair lastly sooner rather than later they expect to discharge a Naga Wallet to protect your Naga which likewise will be executed into the two stages.

Key Features

NAGA Trader


NAGA Academy

NAGA Wallet


NAGA Trader

NAGA Trader is an online networking administration for brokers, the stage has at present handled a little more than two million exchanges to date. NGC Trader has a best leaderboard where you can screen its best merchants on the stage and consequently duplicate every one of the exchanges settled on by your broker of decision. NAGA Trader likewise enables clients to be a specialist in specific zones of a market, thusly, they pick up adherents which enables them to make an easy revenue relying upon the devotee tally. NAGA Trader has a gamified encounter that makes it not the same as other comparative stages, through key highlights, for example, it is portable and is client encounter driven. NAGA has done this to open up resource exchanging to the overall market of gamers NAGA Trader has been working since July 2016 and as of now has associations with 8 dealers, including the world's biggest suppliers, for example, FXCM and BDSWISS.


Switex gives brokers a stage for straightforward blockchain exchanging, this enables it to be a center piece of the biological system that NAGA is creating. Thus, Switex expects to be the principal "lawful environment" for virtual exchanging among gamers, It intends to permit gamers, diversion designers, and amusement distributers to benefit decently and take an interest in shared exchanging.

NGC Wallet

NAGA intends to discharge a wallet for its client base to store tokens which will be utilized to store into Switex and SwipeStox. Since NAGA is a piece of the Ethereum stage this enables you to store any ERC-20 token into NAGA wallet. By and large, the usefulness of the NAGA wallet is standard in contrast with different contenders be that as it may, techniques for putting away finances and security strategies are not indicated there is nothing in composing of the predefined measure of commissions for exchanges, it just says "low charges". The significant drawback of NAGA Wallet is the way they discharged it they have an extraordinary page that has around hundred words on what it offers with nothing in detail which leaves clients speculating exchange expenses, times and on the off chance that it is secure. Keeping in mind the end goal to acquire client consideration, NAGA needs to express these little points of interest some place or have verification as anybody can state "low expenses" however not really have low charges.

NGC Academy

NAGA Academy was made with the goal for clients to pick up information around Financial Trading, Virtual Goods, and Cryptocurrency. In any case, that is all most clients will ever know this undertaking has almost no detail. The group just states thoughts and possibles of what is to come as opposed to thinking of a genuine brief of what it offers.


General NAGA flaunts two awesome stages with definite thoughts, were on the opposite side of the task it is inexactly hung together and doesn't let clients really realize what is happening. On the off chance that the organization can finish the opposite side of the task and educate individuals from their locale we could see some genuine footing. Notwithstanding, starting late we have seen a decrease in virtual things particularly in the counter-strike scene were they host prohibited all third-gathering destinations by executing another seven-day thing boycott. To tackle this issue NAGA should be in close contact with organizations, for example, Valve, Riot Games and numerous more so as to emerge from the rest, on the off chance that we can see changes such like as expressed we could see NAGA grabbing consideration and climbing the rundown of cryptographic forms of money.

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