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DATA443 Risk Mitagation, Inc. Set For Take Off After First Six Months.

|Includes: LandStar, Inc. (LDSR)

Landstar, Inc. renamed to DATA443 Risk Mitagation, Inc.

Highlights of first 6 months of DATA443.

DATA443's partnerships and achievements.

Data443 has been on a roll since renaming LandStar, Inc. to: DATA443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. (OTCPK:LDSR) back in Late December of last year.  "The new company name and branding represents the central focus of the organization data security & risk mitigation technologies and solutions. We are immediately engaging on our rebranding, funding and acquisitions plan. Our strategy is to grow our market presence and capabilities for customers via product development and product/company acquisitions. GDPR and existing cyber-threats are creating an incredible opportunity for solution providers to demonstrate capabilities that enable businesses to function in this increasingly hostile environment," stated Mr. Remillard at the time of the announcement. 

In the last six months since inception Data443 has achieved much success in such a short little time. Back in January the company acquired the Industry leading Data Classification, Governance and GDPR Compliance product – ClassiDocs.  ClassiDocs is the only Data Classification & Governance platform that provides organizations with a GDPR compliance interface that facilitates queries required to complete PII-based searches across data files (unstructured) and databases (structured) data sets – for the whole enterprise. Having the only endpoint-based classification engine - this unique unified view portal gives organizations a full view and search capability across their whole data estate – Network, Workstation and Cloud – resulting in significantly reduced costs associated with the GDPR (and other privacy-related legislation). 

February was a big month for Data443  They increased its support of Ripple by launching public and validated ‘Validator’ services for Ripple.  Data443 announced a new banking relationship with leading financial services banker - Silicon Valley Bank.  ClassiDocs won prestigious industry awards for GDPR Compliance, Data Classification and Governance in the 2018 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. Last but not least the company became Partners with Leading Cloud Identity Governance Provider – N8 Identity .

In March Data 443 Partnered with leading E.U. Cyber Security Integrator and Service Provider - Caretower.  Next the company engaged Whiteford, Taylor & Preston LLP for advice on any upcoming business transactions, consulting and subject matter expertise on global privacy legislation, and GDPR thought leadership and point in time risk management support.

April 16 to April 20. Data443 gave a presentation about ClassiDocs at the RSAC Early Stage Expo in San Francisco. After the expo the company integrated ClassiDocs with ProcessMaker to power fast, accurate response to data subject assess requests (DSARs)

In May the company announced  the regular availability of its API infrastructure for its award-winning data classification, governance, and eDiscovery product ClassiDocs™ to support advanced regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and privacy legislation within the growing blockchain ecosystem. Data 443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. also announced it was recently named one of the top 15 U.S.-based advisory firms for GDPR solutions and services by Black Book Market Research LLC. Based on an independent survey of nearly 380 U.S. companies. 

June 5-7, 2018 Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. will be in attendance alongside its premier reseller and services partner Caretower at this year’s Infosecurity Europe. As organizations experience the impact and potential liabilities of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), many are seeking data solutions that can quickly deliver an effective response. Caretower, a specialist cyber security integrator and managed service provider, together with Data443 will showcase how organizations can fast-track data privacy compliance and security using Data443’s award-winning data classification, governance, and eDiscovery product ClassiDocs™ 

On May 25, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect. It will have an immediate and ongoing impact on the collection and storage of personal information of citizens across the EU. Brands that use data to target and enhance their digital marketing efforts must now take action to ensure that they are complying with these new regulations. 

With so many companies not prepared for (GDPR) this creates a unique situation for Data 443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. to capitalize on. They have been working hard the last six months to make it happen.  With numerous partnerships announced with some big companies and plenty more to come. Data 443 is making itself out to be a small player in a huge tech market. I expect the second half of the year to be filled with much more accomplishments and highlights paving the way for a profitable future to come.

About Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc.
Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc. (OTCPK:LDSR) enables secure data – across local devices, network, cloud, and databases – at rest and in flight. ClassiDocs™, our award-winning data classification and governance technology, supports over 200 file types and 400 databases with a user-first, user-centric design that speeds ease of use and compliance-policy conformance without training. Data443 delivers classification, discovery, governance, GDPR compliance, and DSAR management coupled with DLP, CASB, SIEM, and cloud solutions to provide user-enabled, governance-enabled, up-to-date security for every data point, every time

About ClassiDocs

Data443’s ClassiDocs  offers the markets’ leading capabilities in the following areas:

  • Data Classification of information At Rest and In Flight Microsoft™ Office – 2013/2016, Office365Microsoft™ Windows 7, 8, 10, Surface TabletsMacOSX™ & Linux Agents forthcoming
  • Data Security Governance Manage Security Permissions, Audit Compliance and Permissions mismatches SoX Permission/Authorization overlap & data remediationPermission and Access control orchestration
  • Accidental or Malicious Information Disclosure detection & remediation
  • Ransomware infection detection & response remediation
  • SIEM feeds for all Data at Rest, In Flight – Actions, Locations, Classifications
  • Fully described and documented RESTFul API infrastructure that provides for: Integration to leading DLP, CASB & Proxy vendorsManagement of DRM, Data Encryption & Data Sandbox solutionsIntegration to endpoint encryption & VPN providers
  • Advanced data & security instrumentation to support User Behavior Analytics

The advanced data security platform provides capabilities for:

  • Cloud Drive Storage Repositories Over 30 supported natively
  • Unstructured Data (all files stored on devices) over 120 file types supported
  • Over 400 Database types supported
  • Many Cloud Services providers



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