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Pristine ESP Stock Screener Trading Tips - Linking Windows

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New Feature - Linking Windows

Just a quick reminder: if you have not been receiving these "ESP Tip of the Week" newsletters you can view all of the back issues at the ESP resource page on our website.

This tip of the week shows a little known and recently added feature of Pristine ESP v4.0 - the ability to link any window that has the little 'link' button (shown below at the cursor) in the bottom tool bar.

Most ESP windows have this button which allows you to link. You can take any 'list' and link it to any display window such as a chart or a montage window. You can set up multiple linked families based on the colors available. Below you see a news window that was added to the purple family. Any chart that was also a member of the purple family would display any symbol you click on in the news window.

Many traders have found a very popular use for this. There are basic charts in ESP and I often wondered why anyone would use them. I found my answer at a weekly ESP training class (Wednesdays at 2.00). Many who scan after hours know that all big name platforms get slower later at night. These charts are fast, so many use a list of their universe and link it to a daily and weekly or hourly chart and go through a list of symbols at blazing speed.

You see above the daily scan results finding Pristine setups on daily charts, linked to a chart window for after hours scanning. Play with the various combinations of linking you can do.

Look for more exciting tips in next week's "Pristine ESP Stock Screener Trading Tips". Make sure to check out the other resources available to you when using pristine ESP on our website at You can take a free trial of ESP by clicking on the link on the right side of this page.

Paul Lange

Vice President & Coach

Pristine Capital Holdings, Inc.