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Using Columns In The ESP Main Windows

This is a repeat from almost a year ago due to several questions on the topic, and the power of ESP to use columns in a way that can make you money.

This week's tip is going to be about using the columns that are available in the Pristine ESP v4 Scanner. This is a very powerful feature of ESP as there are many useful columns you can add to sort and manipulate the data and it is very simple to add, remove, and sort columns. The window below is a sample of one of the many windows that can be used in ESP.

Naturally, you may drag the outside borders of the window which will increase or decrease the width of all the columns. If you want to adjust the width of one column, simply hover your mouse over the area between the two columns in the column header row. When you hover your mouse in between column headers it will turn into a double headed arrow so you can resize the column as you wish. Look at the example below.

To rearrange columns simply click on the title of the column you want to move, and drag it to where you want to go.

When you click one time on the title of a column, ESP will sort all of the information by that column. A little triangle appears next to the name to let you know that that is the column being used for sporting. If you click again the little arrow points upward and the column is now being sorted in reverse order. In the window above, you can see that the data is being sorted by "% Chg". In the window below, the "Volatility" column is now being used to sort.

When you "right-click" on any column, you have the options that you can see in the window below. You may remove the column that you have clicked on, or you may add any additional column at that point that you choose. You can see that ESP has a tremendous range of columns that can be added. This is a very powerful feature that allows you to sort your data by any one of many criteria. There are too many columns to even review in this article, but feel free to play with them and attend one of our ESP training classes (see the "ESP resources page" on our website). Note that the column choices are different in "Pristine Opportunity Scanner" window due to the unique nature of the Pristine proprietary scans.

The wide variety of columns and the ease of use to manipulate data makes ESP the most powerful stock screener available. Be sure to take your free one-week trial when you aThe wide variety of columns and the ease of use to manipulate data makes ESP the most powerful stock screener available.

Look for more exciting tips in next week's "Pristine ESP Stock Screener Trading Tips". Make sure to check out the other resources available to you when using pristine ESP on our website at You can take a free trial of ESP by clicking on the link on the right side of this page.

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