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1. It will allow you to get a world wide audience with traders, fund managers and analyst community worldwide. As and when your analysis and thesis stands the test of time, you will start having a fan following over the internet which can used by you in many ways
2. Your thesis will be out there for companies, funds, Investment Banks to see which can then be used for career progress
3. Regular contributors whose analysis are highly rated will have revenue income from Investing contrarian. But this should be a secondary incentive as we truly believe that this is not for folks who will write for monetary rewards. But rather for sharing your thesis and understanding with the rest of the community.

What content can you contribute:
1. We urge you to submit contrarian well thought our analysis, market thesis, stock analysis etc. It can be political, economic and social. That said you are not barred from voicing your views on local matters. Remember your audience is a very highly educated group consisting of fund managers, analysts, bankers, economists and students.
2. Article should not be used personal in nature.
3. Article should not be used abusive in nature.
4. We discourage posting simply links meant purely for advertising.

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