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I Invested 50k In Btc And Alts When It Was 13k, Im Worried But I Dont Want To Sell At Loss. Willing To Hold 6-12months. Will It Go Up?

The altcoins are a problem, you likely have to write those off, would hope they are not more than 20% of the portfolio, the Bitcoin though is another matter. Yes there are techniques that can be used to neutralise any losses back to zero, and once that happens can then look to turn it in to profits. The problem is that those techniques are part of our methodology and therefore as you’re not invested there is no way to help you.

The other problem is that we have the Bitcoin price dropping by 50% from here assuming no once coerces the market, large players can move the price given their high levels of capital. It is quite possible you are looking at a 50%-70% loss, which is non-recoverable, anything over 40% loss and it is more or less finished. We are very good at recovering to parity, had an investor with a similar problem to yours, but their loss was under 40%, we just cannot and will not touch more as you need a net 63% gain excluding fees purely to return to neutral.

Time is not on your side though, the price is currently $8,200 or -36%, you only have a $400 move and you will go over the -40% mark, after that no one can help you, it’s purely keeping your fingers crossed. Given our tech is some of the best in the world and we were able to pick the exact $20,000 high with leverage shorting all the way down, the probability of our analysis to a very low Bitcoin price is much higher than you would like. You probably have less than a week to decide what to do with the remaining 2.5BTC from the original 4BTC investment.