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The retirement myth …

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to pundits describing the job market say something akin to “ as more older workers retire , new job openings are created , thus helping to lower the unemployment level “

The market commentators talk like this is 2005 and the idealized vision of retirement still exists .. I hate to be the bearer of bad news to the 150 K a year crowd , but today’s new retirement theme isn’t sipping drinks by the sea side and playing golf , it’s working sixty hours a week so you can help your unemployed daughter with two children make her mortgage and car payments .. All too often these days , if you were lucky enough to survive the ravages of the stock collapse , your still paying for the down turn in one way or another ..

Older American’s can’t afford to retire , and even if they could , they have to weight the possibility that unforeseen events might unfold that would require them to work again … As many older workers who are currently unemployed and would LIKE to work will tell you , don’t quit your job unless you have no choice , because age discrimination is rampant … Give up your job today , and you wouldn’t even be lucky enough to be a wal-mart greeter tomorrow ..

I know that for years many feared the possibility of working until you dropped , well that outcome has now arrived .. But I’ll say this , I know many in the new “non retirement “ bracket , and to a man and woman they make me proud to call myself an American … Rather than complain about how they must continue to labor away when they should be relaxing , they come into work day after day with the same ethic and work attitude that they had when they were thirty … bills have to be paid , and children , even if grown must be looked after …

While times may be tough , our people are strong , and I think more of the economic pundits should acknowledged the new “retirement “