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How Digital Printing Is Changing The Landscape For Printers

Back in the day with the advent of the printing press, no one could have guessed how the landscape would have changed. Digital printing is not a new technology by any means.

However, it is changing how small to mid-sized businesses are getting their print on. As the saying goes, time is money and digital printing is saving a lot of people a lot of money.

What is digital printing?

If you own a desktop printer or an inkjet printer, you will be quite familiar with digital printing on a very small scale. When it comes to commercial digital printing, the scope changes quite a bit, but the principles stay the same.

Digital images are processed and printed directly onto paper. As with desktop printers, the ink can vary from powder toner cartridges to liquid-based toner. The only difference is the speed with which large scale digital printing occurs.

The paper that can be used is much more versatile an there are loads of other options that you can choose to manipulate your print.

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No plate required

For large scale printing, a plate was manufactured and this plate was then used as the template from which the printing was done.

The plate creation process was not a cheap one and this is one of the reasons why digital printing is on the rise. There is no need for plates to be created seeing that the digital image is converted and printed directly onto the paper.

As a result of the rapid growth of digital printing, more and more research has been going into the development of digital printing technologies. To date, the quality is nearly as good as offset printing but all it takes is a fraction of the cost.

Short term printing

Printing plates were created for large scale use and consequently, smaller printing jobs cost much more to perform. Digital printing doesn’t have to undergo the creation of printing plates and the time it takes to set up a print is much less.

Ultimately, on quantities of 1000 or less, the costs are dramatically lower than conventional methods. This is one of the reasons why small to medium businesses are turning to digital printing to enhance their marketing presence.

What are the advantages

Apart from the big cost-saving that digital printing offers, it just makes sense to go the digital route nowadays. For one, the whole process takes much less time which means that you can get the word out much quicker. The sky is the limit in terms of what can be printed, and anything can be personalized to suit your needs.

It used to be a nightmare to match colors. However, digital printing takes the guesswork out of the process and matches colors in a fraction of the time of conventional plate printers. Lastly, the time it takes for a project to complete and your work delivered to you is but a fraction of plate printing.

Unlike plate offset printing, digital printing is eco-friendly which means that there are no extra chemicals or materials needed. In fact, you can print multiple test papers to check whether you are satisfied and still pay less than the norm. It really is a no-brainer nowadays.