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Chinese Copper Market Survey Result - Jul 23, 2018


Blackwall sent out weekly surveys to Chinese copper market participants including producers, consumers, traders, financial institutions, consultancies, and media to collect their professional views of market fundamentals, downstream order situation.

1. Please describe your company as:

2. Under the current spot price of 48240~48700 yuan (Friday’s Changjiang spot price), do you have any intention of purchasing or selling on the spot market this week?

3. How do you expect the downstream order to change this week?

4. How do you think the copper price will change this week?

5. How do you think the spot copper concentrate TC/RC will change this week?

6. How do you think the SHFE/LME copper price ratio will change this week?

7. How do you think the copper inventory in Shanghai bonded area will change this week?

8. How do you think Yangshan copper premiums will change this week?

NOTE: If there are any questions you would like us to include in the weekly survey, please send the questions to We will include them in the next survey if we believe they are useful.

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