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Why invest in CEL-SCI Corp (CVM)

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With the amount of hype and madness this company has been getting recently it’s becoming increasing more difficult to sort thru the enormous amount of BS that is out there. Majority of the madness is coming from either not understanding what the company and its products are about or having ulterior motives for putting out information that is either biased or flat out wrong.   The fact is that majority of what you will read as of recent is simply some guys opinion and nothing more.   It’s been said over and over again that each investor should do his/her own research and due diligence when researching a stock and not rely on opinions. However when money is on the table and information is scarce—many will fall prey to the predators that lurk in the blue wide yonder that is the internet. I spend a considerable amount of time researching this company and I will post that research for everybody to make their own decisions. I am not a journalist or a blogger so don’t expect some grand insight or witty article. All I have is links to verifiable sources such as government websites and other confirmable sources not some website a 16 year old put up overnight.   
First some basic information about the company:
CEL-SCI Corporation is developing new immune system based treatments for cancer and infectious diseases. The Company's most advanced product, Multikine, manufactured using the company's proprietary cell culture technologies, is being developed for the treatment of cancer. Multikine is designed to target the tumor micro-metastises that are mostly responsible for treatment failure. The basic idea of Multikine is to make current cancer treatments more successful. The lead indication is advanced primary head & neck cancer. Since Multikine is not tumor specific, it may also be applicable in many other solid tumors. The Company also owns a pre-clinical technology called L.E.A.P.S., Ligand Epitope Antigen Presentation System. The lead product derived from this technology is the CEL-1000 peptide which has shown protection in animals against herpes, malaria and cancer. With the help of government grants and US Army and US Navy collaborations, CEL-1000 is now being tested against viral encephalitis, West Nile Virus, SARS, Vaccinia, Smallpox, herpes, malaria and other agents. If the bio-terrorism tests are successful, CEL-SCI is likely to push CEL-1000 for potential bio-terrorism disease indications to gain accelerated approval.
The company holds several patents in the field and has several in pre-grant status. See the links below from United States Patent and Trademark Office .
The company has two products. 
Multikine®, CEL-SCI's flagship cancer product, is the first immunotherapeutic agent being developed as a first-line standard of care cancer treatment. Multikine® is a different kind of weapon in the fight against cancer; one that harnesses our body's natural ability to fight tumors.
Multikine® is also the first of a new class of cancer immunotherapy drugs. It is the first comprehensive immunotherapy and the first Immune SIMULATOR.
L.E.A.P.S.™ is a patented, T-cell modulation, peptide epitope delivery technology that enables CEL-SCI to design and synthesize proprietary peptide immunogens. L.E.A.P.S.™ compounds consist of a small T-cell binding peptide ligand linked with a disease-associated peptide antigen.
This new technology has been shown in several animal models to preferentially direct immune response to a cellular (e.g. T-cell), humoral (antibody) or mixed pathway. Any disease for which antigenic epitope sequences have been identified, such as: infectious diseases, cancer, autoimmune diseases, allergic asthma and allergy, and select CNS diseases (e.g., Alzheimer’s) are potential candidates for this technology platform.
Since I have a very basic understanding of biochemistry and by no means am I an expert, I’ll attempt to explain what they are currently used for. Both of the drugs are immunotherapy drugs—their role is to help the immune system during treatment not flat out cure the disease. There has been a number of posts and blogs about supposed statements that company has made regarding what these drugs do.
 For example many have the wrong impression that LEAPS-H1N1 treatment is a vaccine for the swine flu and have created their arguments around this point; when the facts are that the drug is not a vaccine rather its role is to help the patients who already have the H1N1 to recover. Personally I think this is the right approach since the virus has shown signs of mutation and resistance to certain conventional treatments and the market is already swamped with many other companies developing vaccines.  Read more about the LEAPS treatment
Multikine has essentially the same role expect in cancer cells.  Recently talked about use is in reducing the size of the tumor in head and neck cancer patients so that the doctors can performs surgeries easier and with the least amount of cosmetic damage.  It has also uses in treating cervical cancer. 
In addition Multikine has been approved by the FDA for phase III trials. Multikine has also been granded the Orphan Status by the FDA.
In addition CEL-SCI scientists will present a paper regarding their CEL-2000 (rheumatoid arthritis treatment based on L.E.A.P.S) in upcoming ACR/ARHP 2009.
Some information about the much talked about cold fill facility
Hopefully this has helped you better understand the company and what they are trying to accomplish. Should you invest? The choice is yours. I know I am and so are the company insiders…
 Disclosure: Long on CVM