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What's in store for CEL-SCI (CVM)

|Includes: Cel-Sci Corporation (CVM)
Before you can truly appreciate an opinion piece such as this please make sure you are familiar with the company itself. Do your own DD from reputable verifiable sources.   This way you can appreciate what is being said if it helps you and be able to spot the BS quickly.
The prediction for Cel Sci share price for the next few weeks or so will be pretty much determined by these three factors or a combination there of. Techinals, Shorts, and News.
·         Assuming no news being released of course
·         Intermediate trend is bearish. Uptrend has turned sideways, may continue or pullback.
·         Most likely short term rally will start to slow then pull back.
·         Resistance: 1.79 ± 0.16, 
·         Support 1.06 ± 0.09,
·         Judgment is that without any news stock will continue to drift downwards probably at ~ -5%/day. I don’t see this stock reaching sub $1.00 levels in the next month or so.
Shares Short:                                     10,425,800 
Days To Cover (Short Ratio):       1.4 
Short % of Float:                               7.43 %
Short % Increase:                             9.50 %
% from 52-Week HIGH:                 -55.56 % 
% from 50 Day MA:                         -4.44 %
Shares Short -Prior Mo:                 9,520,900
This is my take CEL-SCI shorts.
An average investor will generally not short stocks that are under $20.00. These provide low risk of insane loses and it generally means there is a good amount of information regarding the company out there so you can make an informed judgment.
 Trying to understand why somebody would short a stock such as CVM when presented with such high risk is beyond me. The only reason I can see is because a stock such as this is somewhat influenced by bashers and bloggers with personal agendas. Main reason being is that there is just not enough firm information and a lot of information that is available is speculation.   Just look at the amount of bashing posts on message boards. Every other post is full of irrelevant information meant to scare newbies that are researching the stock or to scare the weak ones who are currently holding. 
The only reason why somebody would spend so much time posting garbage is because they have a vested interest in doing so. It’s by far easier to scare people and bring the stock value down than it is to instill confidence.   Basically the ones shorting are scared that the coverage the company has been getting might bring an influx of people buying and majority of shorts to cover to avoid losses. Therefore causing the price to rise and triggering a squeeze.    The fact that this stock might jump at any given time is just more incentive for them to do so.
I see the fact that there is so much short interest as a good thing. I foresee a short squeeze happening as soon as the stock reaches above $1.75 ± 0.10 which at the rate this stock has moved could be very soon. I also foresee them getting more desperate and the bashing posts increasing closer we get to that price.
Following are the news that will cause the stock to rise
Validation of the facility ONLY
Stock price will most likely be in the $2.50-$4.50. 
Reason for the stock going up is the fact that once the facility is validated that means that CEL-SCI can start receiving income. (approx $150,000/day). If there are any contracts announced then the price will of course be higher. 
The reason it’s not going up thru the roof is that:
1.       The news has been out for a long time and is partly priced in already
2.       The validation by itself doesn’t mean income it just means that the company is able to get income.
Significant news regarding LEAPS-H1N1:
By this I mean either sick human clinical trials or any kind of official government recognition. Depending on the news the price could quite easily go above $10.00 and possibly end up around $20-$30 (not probable soon but quite possible).
Reason for this is simple. LEAPS is not a vaccine and is a treatment that boosts body’s own immunity. There are no competitors and at the rate the flu has been affecting people it will be a very good tool for doctors. Income from this would be quite substantial.
Multikine news
Again depending on the type of news the share price could jump significantly.   The drug will provide significant income to the company and more concrete the news are the higher the price will go.