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Delicious Synergy - Total Produce & Dole Foods Company


I think as food growers, Total/Dole are poised to grow marijuana on an excellent wholesale scale.

Total Produce PLC. (FRA: T7O) - EUROPEAN MARKET -

It went relatively unnoticed but in February 2018, Total Produce; Europe's leading fresh produce company, acquireD a majority equity stake in Dole Food Company. The company that grows all of your beloved pineapples and bananas and everything that Dole farms is now linked to an Irish company. Dole Food Company withdrew their IPO from NASDAQ at the beginning of 2018 so it seems to me that they are going to do something big (or different). *I’m completely speculating here, but I think as food growers, they are the most likely to grow marijuana on a wholesale scale. Yeah, I said it, I think if you can grow pineapples and bananas you can also grow weed and I think they might be or will be one day… So the next best thing to being able to own a part of Dole Food Company is to invest in the new majority owner - Total Produce. As part of a diversified portfolio, you should have some international stocks in your portfolio so this would help with having some foreign investments. Dole is the world’s leading producer, marketer and distributor of fresh fruit and fresh vegetables, I think that it makes perfect sense to invest in a company that nourishes the planet. Total Produce is a very affordable stock - 2.16 Euro per share. I think of this stock like being able to buy Hormel Stock for $4 in the early 1990s, Hormel currently trades around $40. Yes, you may have to wait 30 years but people are always going to eat fruit and Total Produce / Dole will control a majority of that particular food supply. That’s a lot of food for thought…

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