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An Open Letter To Angie (ANGI) And Other Bubble Babies Of This Decade From A Wise .com Veteran Who Lost It All....

Dear Angie,

Congratulations on your record earnings yesterday! I was impressed and so was the street judging by the huge gain you had on the market!

Angie, I really like you as a person and I have been following your stock as a friend for the whole year, but it`s time I told you more about my past. You see Angie, while I may be 37 years old now, I was once one of the dot com whiz kids too.

The year was 1998 and I had just graduated from University. Oh those were exciting times Angie! Full ideas and bursting with confidence! I was ready to take on the world Angie. I had traded stocks like and, and so many other great companies that would change the world Angie!

I was employee number 5 at which was an amazing little real-time market data company in Vancouver, B.C. and boy did we turn the industry on its head Angie! Just like you, we grew fast and furious and our press releases told the whole story! Every glowing detail was magnified so the naysayer could gag on every word. We had customers like TD Waterhouse, and partners like Bell Canada and US West.

Angie it`s almost scary how much you are like me! We had great renewal rates too Angie, just like you! We were signing up people left, right, and center and taking on the big boys like Reuters and Bridge. Oh Angie it was a glorious year. We raised over $50 Million in financing Angie, just like you did and man was it grand! New offices, those great CISCO routers and servers, and don`t forget the awesome HP computers and the travel..Oh Angie the travel was incredible. I got to go to meetings in New York, Toronto, Vegas, Hawaii and everywhere else we had customers.

But Angie, here`s the reason I am writing you. I really like you Angie, and I know where you are heading. It`s an orgy of excitement at your offices. You celebrate milestone product releases. You celebrate customer renewals and that great new VP of whatever, from that awesome bricks and mortar company, he`ll know what to do to get your numbers to line up and keep the investors happy right....well maybe he will.

Angie enjoy your success, because I know where you are on the road we call the tech bubble. I passed the same highway markers ten years ago Angie. There is a huge pothole coming up on your right, it`s called the end of financing a company that cannot control the burn rate and cannot break even. Angie you see, even finance people have morals and their stomach can only take so much `good news`about losses. Remember to turn out the lights Angie, you don`t want the landlord to bring up your wasting electricity in court when he sues for unpaid rent.


Dave Pellizzari

Former Associate VP, Inc.

Disclosure: I am short ANGI. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

Additional disclosure: I hold Put options on ANGI