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Why The 'Rickster' Is Brilliant


CNBC bond guy Rick Santelli takes no prisoners.

He cuts through the daily/weekly talking head gyrations.

His analyses take in the relevant factors and give the markets their due.

Rick Santelli, also known as the 'Rickser,' is CNBC's best daily offering, besting Cramer, Faber, Quintanilla, Eisen, Wapner, Lee and the daily 'talk show' casts. In fact, Santelli is one of the few reasons that I tune into CNBC daily.

What is there to like about the Rickster?

* He expresses his opinions honestly and without making things personal;

* Santelli has many facts at his disposal;

* He is quite good at real-time math;

* Most importantly, Rickster is not swayed by the often-emotional commentary about The Fed or Trade Wars. He considers them as two factors in a much broader picture.

These points illustrate why Rick Santelli is someone to be listened to amidst the CNBC cacophony, which often sounds like a bunch of high-schoolers one-upping one another. Yesterday, for instance, the Bitcoin-lover Brian Kelly reacted to a Najarian's (Pete) passionate defense of Home Depot with the words, 'Bring it on.'

Rickster might bring it on, but he does so against a backdrop of immense knowledge. When he says, for example, that the Fed failing to cut interest rates in July will not affect the markets, not only does he agree with me (!!), but he makes perfect sense. Because much of the daily commentary ignores the streams of economic data, most of which 'say' that the U.S. economy upon which US markets are largely based is strong. Today's PPI numbers are one example. 

A person can learn a good deal about popular opinion, trends and exaggeration if they listen to the wrong voices on CNBC. By 'wrong' I don't mean 'without value' but simply 'distorted by virtue of unchanneled biases.' 

Rick Santelli is on a different level. Reacting to an argument between Steve Liesman and Trump's withdrawn Fed candidate Steve Moore, he simply said in so many words that he could not believe that both Steves were so convinced that a Fed rate cut would affect the markets in a significant way. Liesman, never one to accept disagreement lightly, interrupted Rickster several times but Santelli powered on.

The Rickster is a treasure for investors everywhere.