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How to Play the January Effect

|Includes: DOG, DXD, iShares Russell 2000 ETF (IWM), UWC

It's end of November and some investors might be thinking of playing the January effect. The January effect is an observation, first noted by Donald Keim of the University of Chicago, that small-capitalization stocks overperform large-capitalizations stocks over December-April, but especially in January.

I was wondering what low-cost trades small investors could do to play the January effect. I came up with three alternatives:
1) No-Leverage Alternative - long IWM (Russel 2000 Index ETF) and long DOG (DJIA Daily Short ETF)
2) Option Alternative - long IWM and buy a Feb 10 Put on DOG @ the money.
3) Leveraged Alternative - long UWC and long DXD

The January effect was confirmed for international stock markets too. Here is a way to play the idea for European investors:
1) No-Leverage Alternative: Long LU0328475792 (DJ EURO STOXX 600 ETF) a long LU0292106753 (short daily DJ EURO STOXX 50 ETF)
2) Option Alternative: Long LU0328475792 (DJ EURO STOXX 600 ETF) and buy a Feb 10 Put on DJ EURO STOXX 50 @ the money (Boerse Stuttgart, for instance).

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