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Nestle Out - Altria In

Yesterday I sold my Nestle shares and bought my first Altria shares from the proceeds.


Nestle is a solid company from Switzerland that I had in my portfolio to take food into account.

It was a rather spontaneous decision, which can be explained by two moments.

1. Altria is currently cheap and undervalued. Nestle is on a high, maybe overvalued.

I decided within minutes.

I admit that if I had a little more cash, I might have held Nestle and bought Altria.But you have to deal with what you have, don't you?

What do I expect from the "exchange"?

1. Three more dividend payments per year. The dividend is also higher

Should I ever get Nestle at a better price and my cash situation look better, I might buy it again.

It's 08:50 in the morning in germany, the sun is shining, I'm going for a nice walk.

Have a good day