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Virtual Medical Centre Ltd; Virtual Medical Centre Inc.
Virtual Medical Centre Inc. (NYSE:VMC) is one of Australasia's leading healthcare websites providing accurate, timely, accredited and free medical information. VMC vets its material and content using the services of over 1,100 Editorial Advisory Board members from around the globe that review, write, and manage the quality control of the more than 40,000 pages of medical information, videos, surveys, reviews, forums and content that is updated every 12 hours. This allows VMC to take both a clinical approach, and consumer patient approach to providing information and content to its visitors. VMC's content is written and edited by doctors for doctors, as well as content written by doctors for consumers and patients, which results in more than 650,000 visitors and 4.5 million page views each month.
Acquiring a controlling interest in Pharmacy Online (NYSE:POL), an industry leader in the
Australian online e-pharmacy market for prescription fulfilment; a binding agreement has
been signed.
A projected 8 X revenue increase in 6 months to $10 million, and 18 X in
18 months to $22 million
The company is already implementing and executing its growth plans on a number of fronts, Visum,
CME. Expectations, integration and optimization of the e-pharmacy acquisition will happen quickly
and the company expects to realize the economic benefits within 6 months. Currently POL exceeds
$6 million in annual revenue with an online client base of 170,000.
Virtual Medical Centre Inc.'s CEO, Wayne Hughes, Was also a  Featured Guest in an Exclusive Live Interview  An archived recorded version of the interview can be found on the homepage of CEO Central at
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