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Tips for business success Robin Trehan, B.A. MIB, MBA

To make it in business today you need to stand out, be an original and offer your customers exactly what they want at a price they can appreciate, it is no longer only about having the best product.  With the creation of online businesses, the most popular products are available at the click of a button, so you need to stand out in the crowd.

One of the most important steps for business success is to know what the customer wants, what they are interested in and when they want it. Take time to ask your customers what they are looking for, specifically and make it available to them.  This will set you apart from a business that offers more generalized items, when a specific item is needed.  In addition to item availability, standing out in the crowd is key; you need to make your business different from the others in order to attract customers.  A customer will need to know they can trust your product or service, before they decide to spend money, in order to do this it is vital to build credibility and a reputation.

Robin Trehan

To truly understand your store, whether brick and mortar or virtual, take a tour as a customer would see it, taking this step will ensure items are easy to find, information is readily available and you can see how other’s will see you.  Most important is to use easy language that anyone will understand; talking in a “business tone” to a person who does not understand what you are saying will turn them away, so it is important to use everyday language.  Closely related to reviewing your business, knows how to visually attract someone to your product.  While words may help explain the difference between items, a person is more likely to spend more time looking at your items for sale if they eye catching and intriguing to them.

As with any business, catering to a buyers desire for a deal, will help bring customers to your store.  It is common for some businesses to not want to lower prices for fear of losing money, but a good business owner knows that a sale will bring people and with the right marketing encourage purchasing additional items or services.

It is important to know, however, that before any of this can happen your name and your product need to be known.  Be sure to use your company name often so it become familiar, by using the name and a logo you are able to put a picture in a person’s mind when they think of your product.  This subtle reminder can lead them to your store and help advertise as well.  This type of advertising is vital and can be advanced by using the internet and search engine optimization.  By making your website available to the search engines you are more likely to appear in the top results when your product is searched for.

What is most important in succeeding in business is to know how to take care of the customer’s needs and how to help them if a mistake is made.  If an incorrect product is given, it is important to quickly rectify the situation and replace the item.  This simple act will keep you in good standing with your customers, because they know they can trust you.  Also, once they have chosen their items and want to check-out, the process needs to be simple or they will become frustrated and leave before finishing their transaction.  It is the little things, like being available for any questions or concerns that will keep customers coming back, and offer the kind of reputation you desire.

Robin Trehan, B.A. MIB, MBA is a management guru.