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Leadership lessons for connecting with your employees

Robin Trehan

A business is made up of many people, sections and divisions, in order to function correctly everyone must work together as a unit, and it is the head of the unit that sets the example for communication, work ethic and goals.  To run a successful business, connecting with employees is the key.  The first step is ensuring your employees are prepared for their job, providing the appropriate tools, information and time needed to complete a task will make the job easier for them and offer a better sense of reward when the job is completed.  Before the start of each day is sure there are no issues that will prevent a job from being done. 


Learning how to interact with your employees is vital, but it is important to understand that not everyone is the same.  A single approach to teaching a lesson may work for one group of people, but not for another.  By getting to know who your workers are on a personal level will help you in deciding how best to teach them how to do a task, how to interact with customers or for some finding the position, they will fill in your company.  There is not one formula that works perfectly; it is a matter of trial and error to see what will offer you the greatest reward.  The result, however, is not the ultimate goal, it is happy employees.  Your staff must know each day that they are important to you, on a personal level.  Taking the time to interact and being available when issues arise will give them the confidence to approach you with any issue they may have. 


To understand your employees and your business, you need to become one of the everyday people your staff sees.  An executive who remains behind closed doors and requires their workers to get the job done is losing out on a valuable resource, life experience.  Take time each day to work side by side with those you entrust your business too, see what they see daily and be part of the solution.  With this hand on knowledge, solutions can be made to problems, and an improved business dynamic can emerge in which everyone benefits.  What a leader sees on the sales floor is taken into the boardroom and discussed among other executives, this in turn can create work environment because it was experienced firsthand.


Connecting with employees is a key for an organization, which wants to learning organization.


Robin Trehan