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Make Suggestions Instead of Giving Orders-Robin Trehan

While as a leader, you are indeed the general of your army, giving orders as if you are one is often not the best strategy for getting employees to not only comply but also actually be motivated about what they are doing.  In fact, leaders who bluntly give orders to their employees will more often than not make their followers feel belittled and unappreciated and it can make the leader look as if s/he is only concerned with what s/he has to say and not about anybody elses’ opinions. Below you will find some suggestions that are more likely to get better results in leading your staff:

-Make Suggestions. One of the most powerful ways to get somebody to do something actually doesn’t even involve telling them to do anything at all.  Indeed merely suggesting that an idea may be a wise course of action may be immensely more effective.  Here is why.  As human beings, by nature we do not like being told what to do.  It’s an inevitable truth.  However, when something is suggested to us.  The person making the suggestion is more likely to be seen as an ally or friend trying to help, and the recipient is much more likely to act on the suggestion.

-Make A Request. Nobody wants to be told to go do this or go do that.  Manners can go a long way in life.  See the difference between when you tell an assistant “Go get my coffee” and when you tell them “Would you mind getting my coffee, if you have a moment”.  Which would you be more likely to comply with?

-Let the other person come up with the idea. This could be the most powerful method of them all.  Nothing will motivate a person more than when they feel it is their own project – their own idea, their own business, their own reputation.  Let somebody else come up with the winning idea.  Let somebody else take the credit for your newest product concept.  Watch how much harder they will work when they feel that they personally have a stake in its outcome.

Try implementing these ideas today.  It is without a doubt that they will have at least some degree of positive impact on both productivity and morale in your office.

Robin Trehan B.A, MIB, MBA