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Failure Teaches Us More Than Success- Robin Trehan

We often learn some of our most valuable lessons and get our most valuable experiences in life from failure.  Many would think that it is your successes that count most.  However, while your successes are certainly important, it is our trials and failures in life that hone our instincts, give us the tenacity to carry on, and teach us about valuable qualities such as persistence.

It was said that Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before finally successfully inventing the incandescent lightbulb.  Now, any average person would have given up on such a feat long before they had failed 10,000 times.  Most people would not have had the perseverence and the tenacity to carry on even on the darkest of days.  But Thomas Edison had persistence.  Persistence is often the difference between why one person fails at a task and another person succeeds! Many people succeed not because they are smarter than everybody else, not because they are richer than everybody else, and certainly not because they have some sort of magical ability.  Often times, these people have succeeded simply because they outlasted all of the competition!

You have to realize that there is nothing wrong with failing.  Failing will teach you more about life than succeeding.  It is from failure that you will learn exactly not how to do something.  Evaluated failures are our best teachers in life.  You must learn to evaluate an unsuccessful experience, determine what you may have done wrong or could do better next time, decide to implement that and then move on.  Through the last part of this process, we are also suggesting that you not spend so much time concentrating on your past failures that you let it prohibit you from moving forward and trying again.

Analyzing your past experiences to figure out what they can teach you is one of the best ways you can learn in life.  This is called learning from experience.  Try to also not only learn from your own experiences but to learn from the experiences of others.  Learn from their mistakes in order to prevent from making them yourself.

Just remember that in regards to failure, it is not how many times you fall down in life but rather how many times you get back up.

Robin Trehan B.A, MIB, MBA ebusiness