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Implementing Judaism in Business- Robin Trehan

As time passes, the world of business is becoming more and more unethical. The practices of the business today involve cheating, ripping off and taking advantage of employees and customers. The morals and ethics of today’s business’s are out-of-whack and some are noticing and don’t care, while others are looking to change. Those that practice Judaism are taught about the ways of dealing with business and life. Implementing Judaism into business doesn’t have to be difficult. In the Talmud, there are basics to how a business should be run, so the implementation should be quite simple. 

In our society morality is conceived as a realm of altruism and self-sacrifice. In Judaism business ethics talks of the development of character traits and qualities. Judaism takes business so seriously because in the Talmud it states that they will be asked questions after death, like “Did you business in good faith?” In the heavenly court, the Judaists are being questioned on whether they followed the laws of business ethics. 

The book teaches how people are supposed to be towards one another and that they should be holy. If you apply this to business, you will notice the workplace will be filled with smiling faces and ethical transactions. Imagine a business filled with rabbis and you can just imagine how the environment would be. So how does one be holy? Oftentimes in business, people are more worried about making their next buck than helping people. Everyone is like zombies, doing their duties because they have to with no personal thoughts or feelings. Dealing with customers as people and understanding their situations shows that you have good ethics. 

Treating others as you want to be treated and behaving in a way that is “okay” in the eyes of God is how business men and women should behave. The stories in the Talmud talk of different people, such as Jacob, Moses and Abraham who were all virtuous, kind-hearted and hard working people. Imitating the prophets from the book can help you to become a better person with good morals and ethics, which can be implemented into any business. 

In order to successfully implement Judaism into your business, you should conduct group meetings to teach the principles of the Talmud. Now, these groups don’t have to have emphasis on the Talmud, but just morality and ethics. At first it may not seem you’re not getting through to the workers, but there's none so deaf as they that will not hear. You can even use this time to weed out the problematic employees from the virtuous ones. 

Robin Trehan is management and financial expert.