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Leadership is Like Champagne with Lots of Sparkle, Charm, Body and Charisma- Robin Trehan

Leadership is Like Champagne with Lots of Sparkle, Charm, Body and Charisma- Robin Trehan


When it comes to being a leader, whether for business or personal reasons, you can easily compare it to a glass of champagne. You’ve been in this world long enough to see what bad leadership does to people -- a lot like tasting bad champagne -- lots of sour-looking faces and spitting. Some people just don’t have the charm and charisma to get a great following behind their leadership and this is because they’re only thinking of their own motives and benefits.


To become a great leader you have to sparkle when you’re in the light and when you’re in the dark. You shouldn’t pretend to be something you’re not in order to get people to follow you. Using certain tactics can help to implement into your leadership skills. For instance, you’re the boss of an office or the CEO of a company and the only people you can really trust to help grow your business are your workers. Yes, it’s true that you should keep your workers happy in order to make them more willing to work for you, but you still have to be a good leader in order to motivate them and enforce good working habits. Just like there’s such a thing as too much champagne, there can be a little bit too much sparkle in your cider for leadership. You want to keep the respect of your followers, so limit how loose things become. Use your charm during meetings, so that as you request consistency and dedication, it won’t seem like a drill.


Leadership should be a lot of fun and just like a glass of champagne, it should make people feel relaxed and comfortable. When people are comfortable with you, they trust you enough to follow you. So whether you’re leading a support group, Fortune 500 company or a basketball team, you have to use your champagne-like leadership skills to get a following of most or all of your group. Keep in mind though, don’t put new wine in old bottles -- keep everything fresh. No one likes to drink the same type of champagne over and over and those that are following your leadership don’t want to hear the same things over and over. If you want to keep reminding them of their duties, do it in different refreshing ways. Keep the sparkle and the charm, body and the charisma.


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