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Robin Trehan- Bringing Out The Best Potential In Employees

Bringing Out The Best Potential In Employees

One of the key functions of a leader is to bring out the absolute best in his employees. In Robert Cooper's book, The Other 90%, he explains that people are like lighthouses. Meaning, you have to let your inner light shine through. And even more importantly, you have to let others know that you see their light too. That last sentence could arguably contain the core essence of being a leader- the core essence of building a team that will follow you to the ends of the earth.

There are so many people who go through life not knowing what their true purpose is. Perhaps the most powerful force motivating a human being is the desire to be great. A definite sense of purpose will instill in somebody a burning desire that will carry them through hardship and give them the strength to move mountains. As leaders, it is our job to bring this strength out in our followers and channel that drive towards a mutually beneficial goal. To do this, is leadership in its highest and best form.

The leader who is able to see deep into their followers and have the discernment to ascertain their individual talents and skills and then exploit them to the benefit of their followers, will have the entire world with them.

How grateful would you be to a mentor or a leader who was able to light the way for you and to show you your true definite purpose in life at a time when you may be experiencing uncertainty? I bet you would be very loyal to this person. Many leaders may quip that their followers should get this from family and loved ones and that this isn't their job. They may argue that it is a poor allocation of their time. But guess what? Most people do not get this from their home. And if you, as a leader, can be that person who does provide this feeling of greatness, how will this benefit your organization? How many ways will your organization benefit from motivating a team that will transcend all difficulties and obstacles and not stop until they reach their goals?

Robin Trehan is management expert