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Implementing the Bible in Business- Robin Trehan

This is a tricky subject because the mixture of religious practices and business, society, the government or school is practically forbidden. Those who are Christians, Catholics or another religious belief that deals with the bible, may want to have a workplace or work in place that has the bible implemented in its practices. This doesn’t have to mean that there should be a bible study every Thursday, but it does mean you can take from the bible and apply it to the workplace.


For instance, the bible teaches kindness, forgiveness and love. If you’re a co-worker or owner of a business, you can spread kindness throughout the workplace to your customers and the people you work with. You should also have meetings that teach and enforce kindness -- there should be zero tolerance for any form of cruelty; verbally or physically. Grudges should never be in the workplace; the act of forgiveness should be applied to avoid confrontations and hostile work environments. To err is human, to forgive is divine. Showing love is always best, whether you’re spiritual or not.


The bible teaches a lot about wisdom, especially in Proverbs, which was written by Solomon, the wisest man to ever live. Within it you will see that it talks about integrity, having bad attitudes and making amends. These are all great topics to discuss in a work environment. Keeping the integrity of all individuals involved is important for the integrity of the business. No one should come to the workplace with bad attitudes; if there is a problem in the workplace, there should be an open door policy that allows the workers to speak with someone that may be able to fix the problem. If any of the co-workers are on bad terms, it is important to make amends to avoid further problems.


A learning environment is a smart environment. By showing that it is good to continuously learn from wise mentors will make for wise students. Being prudent is essential for the functionality of any business. Fools are hardly successful, unless by accident. Although you can lead a horse to the water, you can’t make it drink, but you can encourage these practices (in disguise because it may be offensive to individuals that come from different cultures) by rewarding those who are the most virtuous. To the victor goes the spoils.


Nothing pushes people to work harder at goals than a additional vacation days or even a raise; whatever the business can offer. Sometimes teaching old dogs new tricks isn’t as impossible as many may think.


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