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What we Can Learn from the Torah in Terms of Business-Robin Trehan

What we Can Learn from the Torah in Terms of Business-Robin Trehan


There is a lot that can be learned from the Torah, as far as business goes. Running a business and being a successful business man or woman can be learned from the lessons taught in the Torah. The Torah consists of the first five books that are found in the Bible -- Genesis, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Leviticus and Exodus. They all talk upon different things, but they all have laws and guidelines about how to live life and conduct business. It touches base on dealing with failure, conquering fear, removing ego and harvesting the power of passivity. These are only a few things that are talked about in the Torah. Reading through it will show you how to be as a person, which will inevitably transfer through to how you run your business.


Having good morals and ethics is essential for being successful in business. The idea of being spiritual in the workplace is almost like taboo. Now, taking from the Torah and implementing it into your business doesn’t mean that you have to become all out religious, but there are some pointers you can take from it. A lot of people are beginning to look into the Torah and business because so many Jewish are successful in the field. They are close followers of the Torah and live their lives and run their business by it. So how come they’re so successful? Some may assume that they are cheaters, liars and scoundrels.


In the Torah it tells us that we should be kind-hearted individuals who think of others before themselves. Something completely different than the business men and women who are willing to do anything to make a buck. Running over co-workers and clients to get to the big money doesn’t always work out for everyone. Such attitudes bring you down quicker than a feather tied to a brick. In business, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. So when you have  people who aren’t good for the business, it can bring down the entire company eventually. And as the saying goes, a fool and his money are soon departed. In the financial sector, you don’t want to be dealing with fools.


So to improve your business skills, you can read the Torah to learn about how to conquer your fears and harvest the power of positivity. Later, you will be able to find the right balance of character traits to succeed in the career of your choice.


Robin Trehan, is financial and Bank M&A expert.