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Leadership and Ballroom Dancing- Robin Trehan

Leadership and ballroom dancing is very similar in so many ways. You will have a leader, and you will have followers. When you go onto the dance floor, you can’t very well do the Waltz without a partner. You have to have someone that will lead, guide you with the steps. A leader is the same, they show you how to do things, and they lead you.

In ballroom dancing, you will encounter times that your feet want to go one way but, your mind sees the steps another way, and complications will arise. If you have a good leader present, encountering problems will not be an issue.  Ballroom dancing takes patience and dedication. You have to have both of those when you learn the steps to a new dance. If you are a leader on the dance floor, you have to show patience. The person you are trying to lead may be new to the dance. They may feel intimidated or feel like they can’t do it. You as a leader have to encourage them. Patience is a virtue.

Dedication is a key ingredient in leadership. You have to be dedicated about what you are doing. If you lack this, the person you are trying to lead will not be as open. Why should they be dedicated in learning if you aren’t dedicating in teaching? Ballroom dancers go through rigorous training, just like a leader does. You may enter into leadership with knowledge on how to do certain things, but you are constantly learning.

A good leader isn’t born overnight just like a dancer isn’t born overnight. In leadership and ballroom dancing, patience,dedication and a willingness to learn will allow you to achieve what you set out to do.  You build on what you learn and keep pushing forward.

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