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BlackBerry's U.S. Marketing Salvation: Use BBM For Home Phone

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As we all have seen, local wireline phone service in the U.S. has dwindled but is not anywhere near gone. In fact, taking the recent move by AT&T (NYSE:T) as reported in, here is an interesting data point:

In Q4 2012, AT&T's traditional landline voice lines declined 10.8 percent year-over-year from 39 million to 34.7 million.

What we can deduce from the 34.7 million number above and the article linked above titled "AT&T targets landline cord cutters with $20 no-contract wireless home phone service" is there is a large opportunity to merge the landline business with the wireless business and no one has cracked the code on how to do it yet.

BlackBerry's announcement that it wants to open its BBM network to other platforms such as IOS and Android gives it a leg up in pursuing this opportunity because it is the only OS platform that has a secure channel reserved for its own communications embedded inside it that is interoperable with other platforms. The next step would be to integrate the BBM network in a white label agreement with a VOIP player such as MagicJack (NASDAQ:CALL), migrate the customers local home phone number to the BBM/VOIP and give them local phone service available at home or on their mobile for a fraction of what T is offering. Moreover, they can offer this to Android and IOS customers as well through BBM. This is all software and network engineering and could be up and running in weeks. Thorsten Heins are you there?

Disclosure: I am long BBRY.