1894 Rare Interview Of Nikola Tesla: Is TSLA His Reincarnation?

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After reading a Instablog post by John Peterson where he quotes Thomas Edison from a New York Herald article on Edison's opinion on batteries, I started researching Tesla articles. Here are some edited (some words were illegible so we guessed) excerpts from the

The Wichita daily eagle. (Wichita, Kan.) 1890-1906, October 23, 1894, Image 6

It makes no difference to a man's health how long he works so long as he loves his work, for his affection is like the oil in the lamp which keeps the wick burning without consuming the wick itself. When the oil is gone, then it is that the wick goes fast. If at any moment I lost my eagerness and enthusiasm, then very likely I would go to pieces.

"That was what would have happened to me if I had continued to be a journalist. You never knew that I was once a member of your profession? Well, I was. The trouble with me was that I wrote too carefully, and, as it seems to me, too thoughtfully. When I wrote an article of which I was particularly proud, my friends would say: 'Tesla, that was a masterpiece!'

But the editor would say: 'Why don't you write something more lively? Not a half a dozen people will read that stuff.' No. journalism is the hardest work in the world for the man who wishes to be thoughtful. My heart was not in it, and it would have worn me out soon, like the wick without any oil. Even as it is now I get worn out sometimes, but it is a great comfort to be one's own master and to feel that there is nothing to prevent one's dropping all work at any moment and starting for Europe or somewhere else, for as long a rest as one wants.

"I have noticed a queer thing about my mental operation, and that is that mind to work in two halves, that when I talk, or even when I sleep, only one half of my mind appears to be thus engaged, the other half goes on steadily with whatever I have on my mind, or maybe I ought to say with whatever it has on its mind. My friends say: 'You will kill yourself.' I say Nonsense.' I used to be an athlete once and I recuperate very quickly. See me now." He held up his hands as if the' were trustworthy indicators of his physical condition. They were long and thin and nervous. They trembled a little and the conclusion naturally to be drawn from them was that their possessor was a man whose tremendous energy, although under good control, was likely to use him up if run at such high pressure much longer. Mr. Tesla is only thirty-seven years old. and he looks even younger........ He is very confident that great things are coming soon through the utilization of the electrostatic or magnetic condition of the earth itself. "Some time," he says, "electricity will be taken from all about us and used for light, heat and motive power. We will reach down to the earth and tap the current anywhere, getting all we want without expense. It is interesting to sit down somewhere away from all interruption and think out what that would mean. It seems hardly possible that these wonders can be far away, because the process by which they can be realized is so simple. Expressed roughly, all that would have to be done would be to set the earth's electricity to vibrating, and adjust a machine to these vibrations wherever the force was recognized. It is something as if the earth were a rubber bag. Shake it in one place and you get vibrations another place. You and I could not feel the electrical vibrations, but I have in mind a machine that will If nothing ? . I have the reasons for predicting that messages will be transmitted through the earth in this way without wires through a human being: it seems surprising that this has not been done before. "It is reasonable to suppose that the earth's electricity is generated by the atoms of which all things arc composed. We and our world are not only whirling through space with terrific speed, but every little atom in the conditions suitable to its generation."While electricity could hardly be called the ether itself, it is probable that the effects of dynamic, electricity and electro-magnetism are the basis of ether in motion, and the basis of electricity effects of ether 'under a strain'. The discovery of a method of utilizing this practically ex-haustless force that could unlock some of the greatest secrets of the universe.

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