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EtherGoo A Top Game In Ethereum Blockchain To Now Be Called TronGoo In Tron's Blockchain: With Users Ability To Earn Both Goo And Tron Token

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EtherGoo ethereum top game.

TronGoo and Tron Blockchain.

Goo and Tron(TRX) token.

Late last year while the value of ethereum was goin down and manyethereum developers are losing a substantial value of their ether,Tron founder and the CEO of Tron and BitTorrent foundation, JustinSun, encouraged ethereum developers to migrate to Tron blockchain soas to receive support that is necessary to restore their applicationsthat at at the point of collapse. This had attracted the influx ofsome ethereum developers like the ethereum game called EtherGoo, whichwill now be hosted on the Tron network with the name TronGoo,according to a Medium post by Tron Arcade, a $100 million fundprovided by Tron foundation to support the gaming industry on Jan 4.EtherGoo which is now TronGoo allows players of the game to acquirethe Goo token, by either stealing it from other players or producingit. The Goo token is also used to purchase barracks units which fordefend and attack in the game and in the purchase of production unitsthat increases a users Goo token daily.Tron Arcade in its Twittle handle posted the development which nowenebles users to not just earn the Goo token but also the trontoken(TRX).Thw tweet reads:Top ETH DApp @WorldWarGoo has joined #TRONArcade. Create your Gooempire at today! Learn more about the game here: on this development, Tron stated that:“The TRON network and the TRON Arcade fund will always welcomedevelopers with open arms. We’re confident that working together willallow our technology and communities to fuel the next wave ofinnovation and adoption.”This is to further support the resistance of the EtherGoo team to bethe top game producer in the ethereum network ahead of theCryptoKitties with the highest number of active users in the ethereumplatform.However, Mr. farenheit the head of the Tron Shrimp team had releasedthe most active applications in the Tron network as at now.

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