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Big Tobacco Invests In Marijuana Market

|Includes: Cronos Group, Inc. (CRON), MO

In a $1.8 billion deal Altria invests in Crono Group.

Many in the marijuana market object to the association with the likes of Phillip Morris.

However "money talks" and big tobacco is joining hands with marijuana.

The marlborough cigarette manufacturer Altria and parent company to Phillip Morris USA, has made a huge bet on marijuana.

Many in the marijuana market believe that the association with cancer producing tobacco is not good for the reputation of marijuana. Especially as many advocate it as an alternative medicine to common pharmaceuticals.

Many consider the active chemicals in marijuana like CBD and THC to be saviors and provide affordable alternative medicines for the sick and elderly. - How Will Big Tobacco Companies (like Altria) Get in on Marijuana Market Growth

Yet despite this "money talks" and for a company like Cronos Group who produce far more than they can currently sell, having the distribution networks available through Altria will likely turn them into "Big Marijuana".

It is anyone's best guess how this will effect the view on medicinal marijuana. However for recreational consumers, this is likely to provide better access to higher quality marijuana at more affordable prices.