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07/08/2010 - Trade Alerts

|Includes: BAC, BCS, C, CHNG, CSR, DSX, EROC, Alphabet Inc. (GOOG), GST, HOGS, LYG, RBS

If you can recall the stress tests our banks here in the United States endured and the resulting share price rally then you may want to take a look at some European banks. We are seeing a re-run of our own governments' clever move to instill confidence in the market with a silly bank "stress test" that we all know the banks will 'magically' pass. This instills confidence in the markets and the speculators leave their bunkers and come out to buy bank shares hand-over-fist. 

I am not stating that I know or think any of these banks will be worth anything in the long-run, but I do think if you buy IRE and AIB at these levels, you can make a quick 20-50% profit in maybe 3-6 months time, or sooner. It is an easy trade that you want to be involved with when the sheeple pile in. I would also consider RBS, LYG, and BCS for some pin-action possibly. 

Some Chinese Small Caps that are undervalued and worth purchasing: CSR, CHNG, CCM, ZSTN, HOGS.

Also GOOG, DSX, GST, SSLTY, EROC are a good value at current levels. 

Don't you guys love free money?

Disclosure: Long every stock mentioned.